ProFouND (the Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination) is an EC funded initiative dedicated to the dissemination and implementation

of best practices in falls prevention across Europe.

An EUPHA/ProFouND Seminar took place in Glasgow, UK, on  November 19th 2014.

Prof. Hubert Blain attended this event and gave the following presentation - 

Falls prevention: Evidence into Practice 

Setting up an effective falls prevention assessment and intervention programme :
Experiences in the Region Languedoc-Roussillon

Please consult the below link to view the full presentation:

Montpellier meeting / 20-21 October 2014

Operative definition of active and healthy ageing (AHA)

Further to the success of the recent Montpellier meeting,

please see below the presentations that were given:

Mike Bewick

Sergio Bonini

Jean Bousquet

Carol Brayne

Diana Kuh

Jean-Pierre Michel

Timo Strandberg

Marianne Van Den Berg

Julien Venne

Asghar Zaidi


e-DENT: oral prevention and teledentistry 

EIP on AHA B3 Good Practice



EIP on AHA D4 Action Group: Innovation for age-friendly buildings, cities and environments 

Collection of Notable Practices within the frame of the D4 Action 
Group on Innovation for age-friendly buildings, cities and
environments of the European Innovation Partnership on Active
and Healthy Ageing, July 2013

notable practice

Mr. Christian Bourquin

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the loss of Mr. Christian Bourquin, President of the Region Languedoc Roussillon and Chair of MACVIA-LR (Fighting Chronic Diseases for Active and Healthy Ageing in Languedoc Roussillon). The Reference Site of the EIP on AHA, MACVIA-LR, was given his continuous and unwavering support and the university and medical community is going to suffer the loss of this first rate collaboration. Christian Bourquin was a man of courage and one of his many qualities was his skillful ability to listen to others, a vital and precious talent for a man who had chosen to embrace public action. Deeply involved in the Languedoc Roussillon, Christian Bourquin placed the banner of the region on a pedestal. All members of MACVIA-LR join together to pay a unanimous tribute of respect and admiration to Christian Bourquin  and present their sincere condolences to his family, friends and loved ones.

An integrated approach to telemonitoring noncommunicable diseases (E)

Best practice from the European Innovation
Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

Article written by Mr. Rodolphe Bourret and Prof. Jean Bousquet

Published in the "World Hospitals and Health Services" journal (September 2013, Volume 49, N° 3), the official journal of the International Hospital Federation (


CCAS articles

Three articles concerning the Community Social Welfare Centre (CCAS) at Prades-le-Lez

Article 1 was published in the Midi Libre (09/2013)

Article 2 was in Prades Infos (a local journal) - 09/2013

Article 3 was published in the Midi Libre -- 14/9/13

article one

article two

article three